Rope Access Training at Rope Partner

Rope Partner has been certifying rope access technicians in Santa Cruz, CA since 2002. Our approach is based on an engineering-level understanding of rope systems. At each level of training, you will learn both how to perform rope maneuvers and rescues as well as how to break-down systems and quantify rope access concepts such as minimum breaking strengths, safety factors, critical points, and ideal and theoretical mechanical advantage. Rope Partner certifies to the U.S. based Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

Rope access training at Rope Partner will prepare you for technically demanding work in a variety of fields including:

  • Wind Turbine Repair
  • Bridge and Dam Inspections
  • Confined Space and Tower Rescue
  • Offshore Oil 
  • Entertainment Rigging
  • Historic Building Inspection and repair
  • Mountain Rescue
  • And many more. 

Our Instructors

All Rope Partner’s instructors are certified to SPRAT level III and have spent thousands of hours performing work around the globe in challenging conditions using rope access techniques. Instructors also have specific training in mountain rescue, confined space rescue, and safety engineering.